How to come back from an embarrassing public moment

May 04, 2021
How to come back from an embarrassing public moment


This week I got asked what fearless authenticity has to do with calming your inner critic

The short answer is you can’t have one without the other


Let me give you an example:

Several times a week I post what I strive to make high-value content that will leave you feeling more confident to face what you’re walking into that day

I want you to know that you can trust me to have your back when your inner critic tries to sabotage you

That I’m here to support authentic you in practical ways

So several days ago while reviewing my content on social media MY inner critic had a little surprise waiting for me

On one of my many posts about authenticity I noticed for the very first time, and after it had been up for daaaaaayyyyys

The word AUTHENTICITY was spelled incorrectly!

And my perfectionistic inner critic was off to the races

I mean she could hardly breathe she was cackling so hard inside my head rolling around on the floor in hysterics shouting:

"What an idiot. Like who’s going to trust you to know what you’re doing about helping them find their fearless authentic voice, if you can’t even spell the world! For Christ’s sake – it’s the name of your company.

You know they’re all rolling their eyes and laughing at you.

I mean - Good luck growing your brand!”


Yeah...she’s good...


Just when I was about to let her drag me all the way back to recess in the fourth grade when Evan Jenkins nailed me in the face with a dodge ball and everyone roared with laughter at my humiliation, something miraculous happened

My authentic self, walked over and grabbed my inner critic by her greasy pig tails and tossed her off the playground

And I made the decision then and there that I was going to lean into the fearless part of my authenticity

I chose to fear-less what making mistakes, even public ones, felt like and not correct the spelling

As a matter of fact – not one person has commented about the mistake

If you caught the mistake and didn’t comment because you were just being nice…


So, I have two challenges for you:

1.  Go back through my recent posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Oh yeah…. It was on all of ‘em and see if you can find the graphic where I misspelled Authenticity

When you do write in the comments – “Dodgeball”


 2. The next time you make a public mistake that is embarrassing, just roll with it.

Get up, dust yourself off, and ask a good friend to get you an ice pack for the welp on your face.

You’ll be okay; in fact, you’ll be 1000x better than okay

Because you’re being fearless authentic you.

Instagram: @maryann_gramig

Facebook: @magauthenticacoaching

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