Reclaim Your Health & Wellbeing

The hustle and bustle of everyday life combined with the demands of family and work often make your own health and wellbeing last on your to-do list.

Your inner critic loves that. Anything to make you feel selfish and not a priority fits right into the strategy of keeping you small. Chances are this has become a familiar pattern.

And you’re tired of it. Actually - you’re sick and tired of it.

You can break out of this self-defeating pattern.

I've got the kickstart you need.

I’m committed to you reaching your highest level of self-leadership at work and in life. It begins with a solid foundation. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce what used to be available only to private coaching clients

 The Wellbeing Accelerator

Yes! I'm Ready To Reclaim My Wellbeing

Wellbeing is essential to your personal definition of genuine success at work and in your personal life.

By the end of this impactful, eye-opening mini-course you will:

  • Have the tools to feel more energized whether you’re tackling that big project at work or managing daily life events.

  • Be empowered with useful strategies, tips, and examples to support living in alignment with your own values and strengths.

  • Be able to recognize what habits keep sabotaging you from creating the life you want and deserve.

  • Be equipped with proven tactics to break negative patterns by engaging with your own wisdom for daily positive forward momentum.

What's Inside?
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Are You Ready To Make Sustainable Wellbeing Your New Normal?

The Wellbeing Accelerator


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Ok, now that you’re ready to embrace a more purposeful life fully, you must acknowledge the first step to getting there—and it might surprise you.

It’s how you think! (some may call this mindset, but I think it goes a step deeper)

Before you fulfill your destiny, you have to uncover the negative stories your subconscious (aka inner critic ) tells you to keep you safe.

what CYIC students 

are saying


MaryAnn’s guidance was able to help me apply her program to my personal life experience and she helped me sift through pieces of my own struggles and wins to help me better understand how I could pivot and make a shift in my life's continued journey with success. Her patience and candor are amazing. It felt like a big investment at first, but I made the decision that it was worth spending money on than something I really needed. We are always doing and spending on things, maybe even items that we don't need or are ‘short term relief”. CYIC will continue to provide for you through the years. I highly recommend this program!

Lourdes Delfin


Are not "smart enough," "confident enough," or "qualified enough" to put yourself out there.


Have failed in the past—and don’t want to feel that pain again—so instead you play it safe. (Did you know the pain of losing something is psychologically TWICE as powerful as the pleasure of gaining? Explains a lot, right?!)


Feel as though you're not capable of being anything "MORE" in this life because of past mistakes and disappointments (we’ve all been there!).


HOW to listen to your intuition—and even if you did—you'd question if it was leading you on the right path.

The Wellbeing Accelerator has been exactly the jumpstart I needed.

 “With long, busy days spent working at my desk, I began to see how much I needed to find ways to put my own physical and mental wellbeing back on my own priority list! The Wellbeing Accelerator has been exactly the jumpstart I needed.

— Angela Kiszka, Crystal Clear Funnels


I am more productive and confident than ever

 “MaryAnn is everything I needed in a coach; a wealth of experience and wisdom mixed with a well-spring of vitality and creativity. An expert listener, she helped me see possibilities I had missed and identify practical and helpful actions I could take to explore them better. As a result, I’m attracting the right opportunities for my desires.”

— Donald Keele, Dean of Men, Andrews University