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Take your authentic self to the next level 

Are you ready to get out of your own way?


My clients find me at different points on their journey. But they all have something in common: They’re ready to focus on the areas in their life that matter most. Sometimes that means beginning by figuring out exactly what that looks like.

No matter where you find yourself, frustration doesn’t have to remain part of your equation. Together we will chart a course that makes sense for your unique dreams and goals.

I can help guide you but lasting transformation happens when you put in the work. You deserve it. And you will be astounded by your results.

I offer two 1:1 private coaching options.

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Private Coaching Packages

What Clients are Saying:

"I used to let my inner critic get the best of me on what my strengths were."

"Which at times, allowed me to question myself based on past experiences.  With MaryAnn, I now know what my strengths are; and that my strengths are authentic to me. This has helped me to subdue my inner critic and allowed for my best self to lead through."

Kendra Aloo
Insurance Agent

Kendra Aloo
Insurance Agent

VIP Strengths Coaching Day

This package is for you if you are ready to say-

  • YES to achieving your goals!
  • YES to moving beyond the status quo!
  • YES to living in the freedom of who you are!


Pre-Coaching Day Discovery Packet 

6.5 hours of 1:1 coaching & consultation based on your identified CliftonStrengths

--Concentrated area of focus for maximum impact

--Leaders Action Plan established through 5 phase process – Determine, Define, Declare, Devise, Design

45-minute check-in session after VIP Day

Investment $3500.

Multiple payment options available.

Book VIP Day Package (Payment Plan)

Book VIP Day Package (Full-Pay)

VIP Signature Coaching Experience

This package is for you if you are ready to say-

  • YES to courage in climbing higher!
  • YES to accountability with guidance!
  • YES to high-level leadership in your own life!


Six coaching sessions completed within 12 months-

  • Session I – 6.5 hours of 1:1 coaching & consultation based on CliftonStrengths 
  • Session II – 45-minute check-in support coaching call
  • Session III – 4 hour 1:1 coaching & consultation
  • Session IV - 45-minute check-in support coaching call
  • Session V - 4 hour 1:1 coaching & consultation
  • Session VI – Final 45-minute wrap up coaching call

Pre-Coaching Experience Discovery Packet 

-- Areas of focus identified and agreed upon based upon Discovery Packet but may evolve according to client’s needs 

-- Leaders Action Plan 5 phase process – Determine, Define, Declare, Devise, Design

Investment $7500

Multiple payment options available.

Book VIP Signature Package (Payment Plan)

Book VIP Signature Package (Full Pay)

Why use the CliftonStrengths?


We've all wondered who we are and what makes us unique.


The CliftonStrengths assessment answers those questions. Based upon science and research, it measures the intensity of your talents in each of the 34 talent themes.

These 34 themes represent what people do best.

They categorize all that's right with humankind -- distilled down to 34 unique themes.

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.

The Next Steps to Calming your Inner Critic

Calm Your Inner Critic

Take my life-changing workshop and discover your authentic self. My in-person workshop and retreats will soon be available in the privacy of your own home.

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The Freebie

Here's my free gift to you! Download my Five Essential Conditions Checklist to help you define, engage and remind your true authentic self daily.

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Private Session

I work with clients one on one to help them use CliftonStrengths in the workplace, move past the status quo and live in the freedom of who they are.

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What my coaching clients have to say...

"MaryAnn is everything I needed in a coach: a wealth of experience and wisdom mixed with a well-spring of vitality and creativity."

"An expert listener, she helped me see opportunities I had missed and identify practical and helpful actions I could take to better explore them. As a result of her influence, I am more productive in my current chapter and more confident in my search to discover what my next chapter might be. Thank you MaryAnn!"

Donald Keele III
Dean of Men, Andrews University

Donald Keele III
Dean of Men, Andrews University

"My coaching sessions with MaryAnn were so insightful and helpful to me."

"Referencing my strengths, she helped me identify some key problem areas and then we developed workable solutions. I look forward to further coaching with MaryAnn as I progress toward my goals!”


Cheryl Van Stockum
Professional Photographer

-Cheryl Van Stockum
Professional Photographer

"Fantastic coaching experience with Mary Ann."

“She reviewed my Strength Based Leadership survey with me in a way that truly helped me understand my next steps in my work and in managing my role. Very knowledgable and professional!!”


Carla Nye

- Carla Nye

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What Clients are Saying:

"MaryAnn facilitated a CliftonStrengths training for our chamber board at our annual board retreat."

"Her professionalism and candor won over our diverse group of community leaders. I have had many comments, even from those that don’t usually appreciate these types of team building exercises, that the Strengths assessment was incredibly eye opening and on point and MaryAnn’s delivery of the information was engaging and informative.

We greatly appreciate our time with her and look forward to follow-on sessions with our group!"

Meredith Rozanski


Bowling Green KY Area Chamber of Commerce

Meredith Rozanski


Bowling Green KY Area Chamber of Commerce

Organizational & Team Coaching

Organizational Coaching

Want to support your team with the best tools & training to take them to the next level of engagement & performance?


That’s the mark of a transformational leader! My team building for your organization will enhance what’s already strong, and disrupt areas that are just wrong.

Your team will elevate in ways that will astound you. And they will love, love, love your commitment to developing their personal value to your company that will lead to greater success.

  • Teams that focus on strengths everyday have 12.5% greater productivity.
  • Teams that receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability.
  • Managers who focus on employees’ strengths reduce active disengagement to an astonishingly low 1%


Schedule a call here to chat with me about how my customized organizational team building could be the answer to your current challenges and opportunities.

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